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If you're thinking about your vocation and worried about the training involved - please don't.

There are lots of training options, and there's something to suit anyone preparing to be ordained.

Young people at Trinity College, Bristol

If the Church recognises your calling as a priest, you'll be given training before ordination and throughout your ministry. The purpose of training is to equip you for a ministry in which you are continually learning. Quite rightly, it’s a demanding experience, but there is a lot of support as you grow.

Paying for your training

If you are accepted for training, money will never be a factor stopping you from doing your training. Training grants are available from central church funds, and your DDO can explain in detail how your training will be paid for.

Formation as a Minister

Training isn't just about formal education, such as learning about theology and the Bible. It’s also about formation: growing to reflect the priestly aspects of Christ, and learning to be disciplined about prayer. Formation as a minister involves:

  • growth in your faith in Christ
  • a deepening of your personal relationship with God and learning to be disciplined about prayer and spiritual reading
  • acquiring the skills you need to be a minister, and understanding how they might be used as you share the gospel within the culture of the world around you
  • awareness of the sort of person you are, and how you relate to others.


Part of your training, and your formation as a minister, is working as a curate - which is usually for around four years. 

Curates work with the incumbent priest at a church after being ordained, and continue with their training ‘on the job’. Curates also meet regularly with others who were ordained at the same time to support each other and to continue to study. 

There are also further training opportunities - and grants to pursue them - are available throughout a priest’s working life. 

Some of the jobs available to priests are available here.