Call Waiting - The Church of England Church of England

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

It is my hope that as people discover that they are loved by God, they will start out on a journey that enables them to grow and flourish, to become the people that God has called them to be. This journey is one of discipleship; it involves following Jesus and discerning his will for our lives. And it’s a journey of vocation, listening for God’s voice and following where he leads.

For every Christian there is a calling to be salt and light, to carry the transforming presence of Christ into the places where we study, work or relax and to discover how we can use our gifts and skills to serve God’s world in need. We live in challenging times and so much of our society, the Church included, needs the new life that Christ brings.

In the light of this need the Church wants to welcome young people and the charisms they bring, gifts which will help us to meet the challenges we face with creativity and innovation. For some this will mean ordination. Mission needs young people at the forefront to express the gospel afresh for this generation in ways that can inspire and attract those who are currently far from the church. As young people see themselves reflected in the leadership of the church, they in turn may be inspired to start out on their journey of faith.

God is no respecter of age, he calls both young people and older ones, men and women. I hope and pray that all Christians will be attentive to God’s calling and that through the call waiting initiative many more teenagers and young adults will be enabled to respond to that calling for the good of the Church and the world which God loves so much.

So I hope and pray that this CALL WAITING… initiative will enrich the whole of our Church and allow more people, old and young, to grow into the fullness of the gifts God has given them.

+Justin Cantuar