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Step Forward event

There are a number of events around the country to help you explore your vocation with other young people in the same boat - and with plenty of people to help.
Listed below are some of the events taking place over the year, but it isn't a full list and it would be great if you spot an event to contact us and let us know the details.

Come and See - Minority Ethnic Vocations Conference

This residential weekend conference organised jointly by CMEAC and Ministry Division, both of the Archbishops Council, is for men and women from minority ethnic backgrounds wishing to explore the possibility of Ordained Ministry in the Church of England. The weekend will be held from 27-29th October 2017, and more details and booking can be found  here. Use the code 'come&see2017'.

Step Forward

An event on 17th March 2018 for anyone aged 18-30 considering ordained ministry in the Church of England, at Bishopthorpe Palace, York YO23 2GE. For more information please visit the website.

CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society)

CPAS holds You and Ministry weekends for men and women exploring the possibility of ordained or other authorised ministries, and their partners. They also run lifecall young vocations days. This is a relaxed one-day event helping those aged 16-25 explore God’s call and work out the ‘next step’.

For further information and bookings:

Affirming Catholicism and the Society of Catholic Priests

These two organisations jointly organise a conference for women and men of all ages who are considering the possibility of ordination. 

For more information, call James Randle on 0191 334 3344 or email

Anglican Religious Communities

Several religious communities run vocations events each year for those considering a call to the religious life. If you would like to receive details of events please contact Anglican Religious Communities, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3AZ or email