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Ed Down

If I’m being honest, I don’t quite know how I got here. Looking back, it does sort of make sense but it all feels a bit of a blur as well. It all started in a tent in a field in the middle of Norfolk. I was a leader on a Scripture Union holiday when during my prayer time one night I felt God was saying he wanted me to be a vicar. I had just finished my first year of studying Chemistry at university and had always thought I’d be a research chemist somewhere so naturally this came as a bit of a shock. 

Immediately I was full of all the questions possible – when, where, how, why and most importantly, what?! 

Fortunately I had my two closest friends as leaders on the camp who I was able to speak to and pray with. When the new term started, my university chaplain was very helpful and put me in contact with a vocations advisor very quickly. From there, things moved on nicely and I went to my selection panel at the end of my fourth year. I see that moment in the tent which kicked off this journey as just that – God switched on a light bulb (dimly) and the discernment process turned up the brightness making me certain that this is what God has called me to.

I am really enjoying (and appreciating) the opportunity to study Theology in real depth at Trinity. Theology has moved from being interesting “leisure” reading to being a wide, puzzling, and brilliant study of God. Thinking and studying in a community has been a great chance to learn with others and means that my studying has been dynamic as we pull apart what we’re looking at. Mixing my studies with a regular placement church has also been a good chance to mix learning and real life situations. So far it has been a really valuable time to make friends, learn together about God (and more practical, down-to-earth things), and get stuck into a church. It all informs each other meaning the theology isn’t just a dry, academic exercise.

Through the last few years I have seen God’s faithfulness and guiding hand, especially when I’ve been unsure about where he has been leading me. My faith has grown and strengthened and I have learnt more about trusting him than I thought possible. 

Ed Down