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We hope this website has given you a start in thinking about your vocation. 

A good next step would be to talk to your local Young Vocations Champion.

Young person making a phone call

They'll be able to answer any questions you might have. They can let you know about any groups or days for people like you in your local area, keep you up to date with bigger national events. Most importantly, they'll be able to spend time talking with you to help you discern where the next place God is calling you might be.

Not sure what to say? Just tell them who you are, where you go to church, and that you'd be interested in hearing more about vocation. Easy! And don't worry about whether to write "Dear Vicar" or "Dear Reverend". If their name is Fred, just write "Dear Fred"! They won't bite, and they'll be really pleased to hear from you. 

You can find your local contact here.