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There are a number of different options for training, and you have the choice over where you apply to study, with all of the current options available below.

Training usually lasts two or three years, depending on your age and what you've studied in the past. It can be full-time and residential, part-time with some times of residence, context-based or a mixture of the three. 

The options are:

  • Full-time college courses: The Church of England has a number of theological colleges, which offer full-time training courses. For the most part, training is residential but colleges also offer context-based schemes.
  • Part-time college courses: The Church of England also has a national network of theological courses offering part-time study. Candidates starting to train part-time are typically over the age of 30, and are not required to move house or change job during training. Training takes place through a combination of weeknights, weekends and summer or Easter schools and may have context-based elements.
  • Mixed mode or context based: some people, including those training for ordained pioneer ministry, will do either residential and non-residential training, often whilst being employed as a lay worker in a local church.