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Is God calling you? 

Absolutely! God calls everyone who loves Him into some kind of service. But service can take many forms, so where is God calling you?

Young female priest standing at pulpit

We are all called to a deeper relationship with God and with each other, reflecting His love to others—wherever they are and whatever they do in life. For most of us that means getting involved in our local church. For some, the calling is leading the Church, and involves being authorised to minister in a public capacity.

What is a vocation to ordained ministry?

Having a vocation means committing yourself to service of God. For some, that will be to ordained ministry as a deacon or priest - who do a wide range of roles from leading a parish church to chaplaincy and much more besides.

Is this ministry for you?

It might be! 

The rest of this site has lots of information you to help you think things through, and there is lots of help and support available. Why not find out more about how to explore your sense of calling?

If you do feel called in this way, you will need to allow that sense of calling to be tested by the Church. You’ll be asked to meet a number of people who have a background in working with people like you, and they will explore your sense of calling.

Callings in the Bible

In the Bible, there are lots of examples of very different people being called in very different ways. We’ve collected together some Bible passages which may help you reflect on your own sense of calling.

Exploring your own calling

You might be wondering whether there are other people like you who have been called? Meet some ordinands here.