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Alison Walker

Before training to get ordained I studied Chemistry for four years at university. I then worked for 9 months, got married and went on a three month honeymoon to New Zealand! Studying again is a bit of a shock after a year off and a very long holiday, but for me learning has always made me excited about God. 

I fell in love with Chemistry at sixth-form college because it pointed towards how clever God is; he is the ultimate scientist! I have the same excitement as I study theology and have my brain stretched in new ways. 

I feel called to rural ministry and I feel really strongly that the rural church should not be ignored and left to die out. I have a heart for building community in rural areas which have the church at their centre. 

I am who I am today due to the work that God did in me through my local parish and the youth work it was running. By attending a rural church I was able to grow and be formed by God in huge ways, much more so than my time at a large, well-run church while I was at university. The rural church may be tough, and can sometimes make you cringe, but it has a lot to offer and I’m looking forward to what God has in store.

Alison Walker