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The Church of England wants to encourage gifted and committed young men and women just like you to consider whether your calling from God is to become church leaders of the future. 

If you feel a sense of calling from God, we'll help you explore that and consider what to do next.

Exploring future ministry
“I was full of questions – when, where, how, why and most importantly, what?!” More
“The call to ordination happened almost straight after my conversion.” More
“It wasn’t a moment’s realisation but rather emerged as I followed my hands and feet.... ” More
“I fell in love with Chemistry, now I have the same excitement as I study theology” More

What is call waiting?

What is Call Waiting?

‘Call Waiting’ is a project set up by the Church of England to encourage young people aged 13-30 to think about what God might be calling them to do with their lives – and whether their vocation might be to ordained ministry.

We know that there are many young people who feel interested in Christian ministry, but want to find out a bit more before making any commitments. Maybe you can relate to that feeling?

Is God calling me? What is God calling me to?

Call Waiting has been set up to provide the resources, space and a network of contacts to help you explore that sense of calling.

Of course, God doesn't just call young people. Although much of the material on this site will help you whatever age you are, if you're over the age of 30, you might might also want to visit the Church of England's Vocation website. 


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